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Brew Like a Barista!

From Tuesday night tacos to a football game celebration, serve dishes that will help you score major points with friends and family.

Date night made easy and impressive! Whip up chef Nick Anderer's recipe for Pollo Alla Diavolo! For dessert, don't forget Lemon Semifredo with Strawberries or make your own Chocolate-Coffee Sauce to drizzle over ice cream.

Fire up your backyard BBQs and tailgates! Enjoy incredible made-for-the-grill foods like Backyard Baby Backs — with Guy Gourmet's secret from-scratch BBQ sauce on p. 192.

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Feed the crowds at sports parties, holidays, and birthdays!Feed the crowds at sports parties, holidays, and birthdays! No one will go hungry with big-batch recipes like Shrimp, Chicken, and Andouille Jambalaya and Thick-Cut Sirloin Steaks with Bacon Blue Cheese Butter.

Weeknights are quick and delicious! Don't settle for takeout food just because you didn't plan ahead. Try any of our fast Monday through Friday recipes including Smoky and Spicy Sausage Heroes and Chili-Mango Chicken — for quick, filling feasts. Not sure how to handle mangoes in your meal? You'll find expert tips for this nutrient-packed fruit on p. 98.

Korean BBQ WingsChop. Slice. Mince.It's Wing Night!

Can you handle the heat? Gochujang pepper paste gives
these Korean BBQ Wings
crazy heat and depth. p. 135

Create the best kebabs on the block!

Kebab King
You're in charge of your own delicious destiny when you choose from a smorgasbord of options to create the best
kebabs on the block. p. 206

Brew Like a Barista!

In just three steps, you can have the best cup of joe right
at home — AND it won't set
you back $5 a day. p. 45

PLUS: Knowledge for your cooking playbook!
Want to make food faster?

Check out our five tips for quicker cooking on p. 97.

Make Taco Night more amazing!

Try our Ultimate Guacamole recipe on p. 152.

Rule the backyard and be the master of your grill!

Find the five grilling tools every man needs on p. 182.

Pair beer with any meal!

Chowing down on a burger fresh from the grill? Opt for this complex, heavy
brew for the best flavor melding. Turn to p. 176.

Gentlemen ... Stock your pantry!

See how to navigate the packed aisles at the store and choose what you really need, p. 10.

Cook any protein  Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish  Better!

See p. 22 for tips and tricks for making any meat taste impossibly good.