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Cast-iron skillet: One of 8 essential tools you need to create mouthwatering meals. Check out p. 5 to discover what other items are must-haves for your kitchen.
Whether you're a seasoned gourmet or just starting to flex some culinary muscle, Guy Gourmet will satisfy your hunger for extraordinary food.

Based on Men's Health's one-of-a-kind food, cooking, and nutrition coverage, this cookbook delivers more than 150 amazingly delicious recipes, many inspired by top chefs. You'll enjoy power-packed breakfasts, fast weeknight dinners, snacks, grill surprises, and big-batch meals for a crowd that'll inspire unforgettable occasions. And ... dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to elevate your skills.

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Better-for-You Beef Jerky! Snack on Strip House executive chef John Schenk's recipe, free of chemical additives and with much less salt than store-bought brands, that you cook up at home in less than an hour!

Sweet-and-Sour Pork cooks up fast and flavorful! Ditch the sugary, too-sweet takeout option and dish up the upgraded version of this Chinese food menu staple in just minutes!

Master the meatball! With tons of flavor options, your taste buds will never be bored, whether you're digging into the classic Swedish version or Greek-style meatballs that taste as good as a gyro.

Plus, knowledge for your cooking playbook!

Kill hunger with 150+ fast, protein-packed, delicious meals! No more relying on takeout menus for sustenance Guy Gourmet is your new go-to culinary guide. Try the Green Burrito Breakfast that's brimming with avocados and salsa verde. Plus, turn to p. 40 for quick tips for rolling up the perfect burrito.

Train under master chefs! Find all the tricks, secrets, hints, and techniques that top chefs use every day without having to invest in culinary school. Want the key to success for a perfectly browned and roasted chicken? When you put your bird in the roasting pan, make sure you do this to ensure even baking.

Find recipes packed with the top superfoods every guy needs, including the omega-3 laden Salmon Teriyaki with Asparagus! Zesty recipes like Linguine with Clams and Cherry Tomatoes and Healthier Green Bean Casserole will bolster your immune system with disease-fighting power.